The New Pencil Case Feeling…

There ought to be a word to describe the sense of autumn approaching: a chilly breeze, a hint of smoke in the air or the night coming in sooner than you’d anticipated. Most people love the summer so they can’t bear the onset of autumn and I’ll give them that. Picnics, long warm evenings and beaches can be fun but for me, summer loses its appeal by early July and with every sticky August afternoon I long for the chance to put on my cosy jumpers and begin again the perpetual search for the perfect pair of winter boots (still haven’t found them).

The closest I can get to such a word is from an Indian local language (Malayalam) and it is rithubhedam used to describe the change of the seasons, not even specific to autumn. Until I get around to devising one of my own, I’m going to call it the New Pencil Case feeling. It’s the feeling of huge anticipation and excitement you had at choosing your new pencil case and accompanying stationery at the start of each new school year twinned with the belief that, now you had literal fresh pages to write on, this would translate to a Whole New You.

apple blank business computer
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So, this year (September being the true start of the year, not in deepest, darkest January!), I’m going to begin a Whole New Me regime. Whilst I’d normally start this season by eagerly anticipating log fires, red wine and cheese platters, this year marks the start of my own personal change: Fit for Forty*. I’ve got one year left of my 30s and I’m looking to perform a graceful and gazelle-like grande jete from 39 to 40, feeling fit, healthy and just a little bit fabulous.

Let’s be absolutely honest, I’m definitely more at home with cakes than aches (and God knows, this is going to hurt) and the sofa is infinitely more appealing than a damp sports field – but by putting it down in public I’ve got to get on with it or face the embarassment of ‘whatever happened to…’! However, my life isn’t solely going to be about getting fit as I’m the world’s most unlikely body-nazi. I also have a family life and I’m a some-time curator with an eye for the lovely and the weird.

Please, gentle readers, be prepared for attempts at fitness, family life and Things What I Like along the way, it’s going to be an interesting journey…!

*Thanks to Tash Reith-Banks for the inspirational idea and the many excellent and honest posts about her road (and outdoor lakes) to fitness.

amber ash blaze burn
Still love those log fires though…    Photo by Pixabay on



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